Are you between 7 and 14 years old? Pay attention! We are looking for the youngest motorsport fans in the Netherlands! (Dutch version here!)

Sunday the 19th of May we are a for kids and the ultimate Max Verstappen fan on the Jumbo Racing Days. We are also going to talk with racing drivers about their youth and talk with them about the passion for racing.

We are looking for you. Arrange?

Are you between 7 and 14 years old and you are at the Jumbo Racing Days too? Then we would like to meet with you and your parents, because Radiorakkers gives children a voice! We would like to know why you visit the Jumbo Racing Days, who is your biggest idol and what is so great about motorsport. Maybe you have a nice special story that has to do with racing. Let us know!

With a large number of registrations, there is a chance that we will not contact you. We will then inform you by e-mail.
Photo: Redbull Contentpool

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